Hauna Lynn leans on her many different experiences while growing up in a constantly changing environment.        She draws from this diverse background to interpret her upbringing through abstract pictures using a variety of mediums.


An exploration of life translated through canvas.

A broad range range of emotions through use of dramatic textures. 

Unexpectedly cheerful compositions.  


"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not" -Jean-Michel Basquiat   


Her lack of fear in creating and destroying mimics her fearless attitude in life.  Unexpected and daring color combos "asymmetrically balance" her pieces.  The pieces are an abstract expression to communicate her story.  


"I never put limits on myself.  I always remain open to what possibilities my life could be.  It's crazy how something I was never exposed to can be such a huge force driving my life right now.  I eat sleep and breathe art.  If you don't find me in the studio, I'm probably trying to make up for lost time by researching art history and thinking up ways to tap into something that has yet to be done."


Nestled in her studio in Hollywood, Hauna Lynn is excited to share her life story without the use of words with you.  


For commissioned works and more info: 

email: info@haunalynn.com